IEEE Passes Major Milestone in Smart Grid Interoperability

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IEEE-P2030.2, also known as the guide for interoperability of Energy Storage Systems connected to the electric power system, was forwarded to the IEEE NEW STANDARDS COMMITTEE (NESCOM) for review in March 2015. This means that the guide has passed a major milestone and is one step closer to becoming an industry standard.

Our Director of Business Development and Technology Strategy, Mark Siira, is also chair of this working group (IEEE) and has had that responsibility since April 2011. The working group is composed of 226 members who have worked diligently toward a consensus guide for implementing storage systems connected to the grid.

P2030.2 standard is important because it is the first smart grid application guide that will be widely viewed and incorporated into other standards. The P2030.2 guide recommends system testing and simulation as a means by which to validate system performance.

Because of the importance of these to the stability of the electric power system, these concepts have been included in the IEEE1547 Interconnection standard that is currently under revision. The IEEE 1547 Revision will drive the requirements for load testing and other related testing for the next decade.

Many of the changes to IEEE standards are related to the utilities challenge of maintaining system voltage stability, as the penetration of variable (renewable) generation increases. To compensate for the potential instability, utilities are allowing more interaction and control with inverters. When storage is added to a PV system, the availability to eliminate instability greatly increases energy storage systems, which is the focus of IEEE 2030.2.

The IEEE P2030.2 standard is expected to result in more testing that is done via commissioning or re-commissioning and will add tests such as low voltage ride through and communication testing. Additionally, it will lead to more modularity of communication requirements that will assist in driving system costs down for ALL distributed energy resources.

To learn more about these IEEE standards, book an appointment with our Director of Business Development and Technology Strategy and IEEE Chair Mark Siira today.

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