How to Simplify Power Quality Monitoring during Data Center Commissioning

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Can you detect problems in your facility’s electrical supply before they lead to costly failures? Is your power quality monitoring process laborious? Do you continually look for ways to improve monitoring efficiencies?

Power quality monitoring during commissioning of a data center is no easy feat. However, the process can be made less tedious by using an integrated power quality monitor with reporting capabilities. An effective power quality monitor conducts high-speed recording of power quality, temperature and humidity quickly and easily. With increased efficiencies, your commissioning project is well positioned to meet its time and budget goals.

High reliability facilities, such as data centers, invest heavily in mitigation devices to prevent electrical supply problems that could lead to business downtime. These complex electro-mechanical systems, including UPS systems and generators, can fail with no advance warning.

Fortunately, you can implement power quality monitoring to continually analyze the electrical supply at specific locations throughout the facility. Typically, monitored locations include key areas like the utility feeds, generators, power distribution units, UPS input and outputs, as well as other critical distribution points. These evaluations will report problems before they lead to failures.

Power quality monitoring solutions provide added value in numerous ways. For example, they provide a critical resource during data center commissioning. Power quality monitoring records and monitors the entire commissioning process. Commissioning a data center means putting the entire system, as well as individual components, through the paces before actual operation begins.

The purpose of commissioning is to validate the facility’s design, make sure all equipment is operating according to manufacturer specifications and confirm all individual components work together within the overall power system. By monitoring power quality during commissioning, you’re able to identify and resolve system failures before your data center operation goes live. Taking pre-emptive action can reduce any impact to your overall schedule.

Continuous monitoring and recording of data allows you to evaluate what’s actually happening in your facility. After comparing testing results to expectations, you can fix any issues and develop strategies to improve overall performance.

Important Capabilities of a Power Quality Monitoring Solution

To ensure the highest levels of monitoring efficiency, your solution should offer:

An integrated, single device – Rather than use multiple monitoring devices, look for a monitor that integrates power quality monitoring technology with temperature and humidity testing. An integrated device improves accuracy and efficiency of commissioning and maintenance testing, as well as saves you time and effort.

Simple reporting features – An advanced power quality monitoring system will allow you, or even an administrator, to produce accurate reports automatically. Effective systems allow you to gather field data in an easy and organized manner.

Open protocol software – Data from your power quality monitoring system should not be generated using proprietary software. With open protocol software, you can work from any laptop operating system and convert data into popular spreadsheet applications.

Comrent offers a power quality monitoring solution that eliminates the need for you to use different pieces of equipment for power quality, high-speed recording, temperature and humidity monitoring. Rather than use multiple devices, you can use a single integrated system that automatically generates reports.

Comrent’s advanced Cx Monitor measures and reports critical parameters during power systems testing. It gathers voltage and current data required for commissioning tests and collects temperature and humidity data for up to 100 locations per monitor. In addition, all monitors are time-synched from the field and factory, can use both traditional or wireless connectivity and work on any laptop regardless of operating system.

Download Comrent’s Cx Monitor brochure to learn more about how to streamline your power quality monitoring projects.

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