How to Operate a Digital Load Bank Controller

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Remoted load bank represent the emerging industry standard for load bank operation. Remote units such as Comrent’s CR Remote can control all functions of load testing units, as well as manage up to 50 networked units for larger projects. Use of these digital load bank remotes is considered far easier than traditional methods, which involved complex protocols and manual phase switching sequences. Remotes are helping contractors and technicians save time and money by reducing labor costs with more efficient testing and commissioning.

Single Load Bank Controller Operation. The CR Remote operates as a universally integrated platform, offering connectivity across all load bank functions, controls, and applications. Set up is simple, and the CR Remote’s user-friendly interface allows technicians to control multiple load banks for testing in a short amount of time. Once the network of load banks is established, the operation is virtually seamless with the rest of the testing operation, and you save time and money by operating your load banks from a central digital load bank controller.

Load bank remotes are especially useful and time efficient for activating the cooling systems of individual load banks in a network. Having the task of monitoring 50 separate control panels on 50 separate load banks is a time-consuming task involving a labor team on the floor of the data center while testing at the rack server level. Now, a single remote gives the operator the ability to make simple or major adjustments on the fly. Load banks can also be added to or removed from the network if there is a need to alter available capacity in the circuit

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