How to Leverage Load Bank Rentals

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Industries like data centers, utilities, solar and wind, and oil and gas seek load bank rentals when they need to conduct load testing to commission a power system. A load bank is a device that accurately mimics the real load of a power source. When configured properly, the load bank solution develops a “load profile” which represents the load levels over a period of time for an electrical power source and converts or dissipates the resulting power output of the source.

Load bank rentals provide an organized, contained and controllable load. In contrast, when using the grid or another power source, control is lost. All load conditions may not be present; for example, sometimes equipment is not operational or load testing is done at night with low or no load.

Load bank rentals provide an essential piece to a system commissioning, ongoing preventative maintenance programs or system upgrades. Load bank testing verifies all equipment is properly integrated and tests all critical components for operation and efficiency.

For example, generators provide a reliable source of power to your operation when power from the grid becomes unavailable. You want to know these backup power systems will function immediately and effectively during an emergency power outage. If your backup systems don’t kick in during a failure as required, your company stands to suffer significant consequences, including lost revenues and increased costs.

During a load bank test, the load bank device places an artificial load on the generator, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution unit (PDU), cooling system or other electrical or mechanical system. The timed test gradually increases the kilowatt (kW) load in specific increments to create a simulated load profile for the system.

Load bank testing:

  1. Verifies system capabilities
  2. Uncovers issues before the system is operational and they become expensive and debilitating
  3. Allows for proper and regular equipment maintenance
  4. Provides significant peace-of-mind. Using load bank rentals to conduct load testing allows you to confidently rely on your backup systems to perform as required and handle the expected load at any point in time.

Comrent’s team of experts is ready to help ensure your system is successfully commissioned. We are offering a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your requirements. Contact us today.

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