How Renting A Load Bank Saves You Money

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Load bank testing offers a versatile solution for mission-critical facilities across a wide range of industries. By applying a load to an electrical power source at full charge you can simulate real-world scenarios to assess how the primary and secondary systems will react.

As the most effective way to ensure your facility functions properly, load bank testing gives you confidence that you will continue to generate a profit throughout the life of your facility. With such high stakes, it’s important to find a load bank provider to support all your testing needs. Comrent provides customized load bank rental solutions that work to save you money.

Customized Solutions

Every facility is different and each project has its own testing requirements. To find the right solutions for your facility, Comrent creates a load bank testing plan tailored to your company’s specific needs. Through a complimentary consultation, a load bank expert will take the time to understand your unique requirements and develop a custom load bank solution.

With a plan customized to your specific facility, you will avoid the time and money wasted on selecting the wrong solutions. When you partner with Comrent, the appropriate equipment needed to complete your load test will be delivered on-time and ready to use.

Accessible & Reliable Inventory

Load bank testing at commissioning and to periodically test and stress the electrical systems of your facility will identify any issues in your system before a failure. Uncovering these potential problems quickly and efficiently is vital to the performance and profit of your facility.

Selecting Comrent as your load bank provider means having access to the largest inventory of load banks nationwide. With more than 3,000 load banks in our fleet and 24-hour delivery, the testing solutions you need are available anytime you need them. Every Comrent load bank is inspected by an expert before delivery to guarantee proper functionality upon arrival. Available and reliable load testing solutions allow you to test quickly, open on-time, and save money.

Hands-On Support

Load banks are complex pieces of equipment that can be difficult to operate without proper training. In addition to the operation learning curve, load testing can be dangerous if not handled properly. When you rent your load bank testing solutions through Comrent, you will leave the testing to the experts.

To ensure your testing is completed thoroughly and safely, every load bank rental can include an on-site technician. Our technicians will manage the entire project from delivery to tear-down. With access to a personal load bank specialist, you will avoid the cost of training and will not have to spend staff time to conduct load testing.

Technical Expertise

Comrent technicians complete extensive training focused on best practices and safety before entering the field. Our 18 project experts and 47 technicians have 185 years of experience in load bank testing solutions. Gain the peace of mind of having a trusted consultant on your side by partnering with Comrent for all your load bank solutions.

By choosing Comrent, you are selecting a team of highly trained experts who know how to keep your facility running at peak performance. Save money with load bank testing and ensure that your business will be known for its reliability and efficiency.

For more information on how you can save money, contact Comrent today.

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