History of IEEE Standard 1547

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IEEE Standard 1547 (1547) was recently revised to update the testing standards and procedures for critical power-generation systems. The standard was originally published in 2003 as a voluntary industry standard for interconnecting distributed energy resources (DERs) with electrical power systems (EPSs).While the first iteration was developed on the assumption that low penetration of DER during the interconnection process would continue to be the norm, increasing technological and economic advances have elevated the levels of penetration the grid experiences, resulting in a continual evolution of 1547.Follow the timeline of 1547 from inception to the most recent iteration, 1547.1, which passed in December 2017.2003

  • IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electrical Power Systems (1547-2003) was published as a voluntary industry standard.


  • Energy Policy Act – The act cites IEEE 1547 Standard as the best practice for interconnection and it is adopted by all states.


  • Energy Independence and Security Act – The act cites IEEE as a standards development organization partner to NIST and the lead to coordinate framework and roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability standards. IEEE 1547 is adopted by the majority of jurisdictional entities across North America that set DER interconnection rules.


  • Amendment 1 (IEEE 1547a) was passed to voltage and frequency regulation
  • December 2013 – the process began to completely revise IEEE Std 1547.


  • IEEE’s Working Group meets to develop IEEE 1547


  • IEEE 1547 full revision balloted and approved


  • Revision of the testing standards (IEEE P1547.1 - Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems and Associated Interfaces )and final editing of the standard.

IEEE Standard 1547.1 will change the commissioning process and maintenance standards for critical power-generation systems. Comrent’s team of experts are fully versed in how 1547.1 will affect each industry and can help determine a plan to guarantee your facilities are in compliance. Download our white paper to learn the new regulations created by IEEE Std 1547.

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*This presentation on IEEE 1547-2018 are the author’s views and are not the formal position, explanation or position of the IEEE or Comrent*The author acknowledges the contribution of the IEEE 1547-2018 Working Group, Balloters and Officers

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