Grid modernization will change the commissioning process

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Grid modernization will transform the electricity industry in more ways than we can even imagine. As the electric grid evolves to accommodate new technologies and diversified power sources, we are entering uncharted territory. States, policymakers, energy companies, grid operators, and utilities are learning to navigate new ground and the decisions they make will have lasting effects on regulations, legal requirements and the commissioning process for years to come.

Since the grid is so deeply ingrained in our lives and plays such a significant role in nearly every part of our society, the process of modernization is complex and must account for every variable. Any change made has the potential to affect every aspect of the electric industry, from power generation to consumer use. For a historically unchanging industry, this scale of transformation has put state and federal policymakers in a position to reshape the processes and regulations of an entire industry, country, and potentially the world.

The exact details of how grid modernization is going to change commissioning processes and standards are still to be determined, but there are some trends to keep in mind that will help you prepare.

Precision is more important than ever

As technology is incorporated into the grid, utilities, microgrids, and renewable facilities there will be extensive amounts of testing to ensure the solutions result in more reliable, clean, and affordable energy. To fully understand the ramifications of infusing new tech into old systems, power generating facilities must be operating at peak performance. This could lead to stricter testing protocol as well as increased maintenance requirements.

Load bank testing is the most effective way to ensure your systems functions properly from onset and throughout the life of the facility. With a load bank, critical power parameters such as voltage, current, and load can be controlled and repeated. By setting the exact parameter when load testing, you can mimic real-life testing scenarios to accurately energize your system, demonstrating proper performance levels.

Grid testing may be less accessible for commissioning

Using the power grid to load test a facility requires prior approval and scheduling from the electric utility. Through the grid modernization process, utilities are responsible for maintaining consistent and reliable power for their customers. Depending on implementation and testing schedules, it may take longer or be more difficult to gain access to the grid for commissioning testing.

Load banks offer an alternative solution that removes your reliance on the grid. In addition to providing more accurate results than grid testing, load banks enable you to have complete control over your testing schedule. By utilizing load bank testing through the commissioning process, you will be able to test your facility on your time and won’t be dependent on the grid for your power source.

Being agile is key

While it is an exciting time to be in the power industry, it also comes with a level of unknown. In order to effectively transition through the long process of grid modernization, you will need to be agile. As you plan new projects and commission facilities, changes to regulations and testing standards are likely to occur on a regular basis. By incorporating a level of flexibility into your processes and training your team to be nimble, you will be able to effectively adjust to the changing industry.

As a true service provider for all load testing services and solutions, Comrent has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to assist in commissioning and maintenance, regardless of the changing landscape. Every load testing project comes with load bank experts you can rely on as you work through changing and testing standards for your facility.

The electric grid is embarking on a new frontier, and bringing the idea of cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable power to life. As policymakers continue to shape the evolving electric industry into a modern energy system, it’s only a matter of time before new commissioning processes and testing standards are implemented.

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