Google Nearly Doubles its Investment in Renewables

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Google recently announced its agreement to purchase significantly more wind and solar power, nearly doubling its investment in renewable energy.

The company will purchase 842 MW of wind and solar power, causing its renewable energy investment to increase from 1.2 GW to 2 GW. Google called this investment “the largest, most diverse purchase of renewable energy by a non-utility,” in an interview.

As a result of Google’s purchase, six projects taking place in three countries will begin. These projects include solar operations in North Carolina and Chile, as well as wind farms in Oklahoma and Sweden, Utility Dive reports.

Google’s purchase appears to be one of the first steps toward a new goal and effort. The company is striving to power itself with all green energy, as well as to triple its renewable energy purchases by 2025. Google’s list of investments is growing, and with these new goals and efforts in place, investments are set to continue growing as well.


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