Fluor Corporation Case Study: Testing with Resistive and Reactive Load Banks

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Fluor Corporation, one of the largest construction companies in the world, turned to Comrent to conduct ongoing load tests using reactive load banks. The company required extensive load testing of its significant emergency backup systems at its Puerto Rico location. The substantial scope of this project presented several challenges, including maintaining plant operations throughout the testing process. At no time were building load and plant shutdown ever considered.

About Fluor Corporation

For over 100 years, Fluor Corporation has provided its services to commercial and government clients around the globe. The company delivers integrated engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction (EPFC), maintenance and project management solutions to clients in diverse industries. The company ranks 136 on the Fortune 500® list.

Fluor is known for developing and implementing innovative solutions for complex issues. The company has managed some of the most challenging projects in the most remote areas of the world.

Fluor’s Load Bank Testing Project

At Fluor’s Puerto Rico location, Comrent was selected to test the entire emergency backup system. Consisting of 16 Caterpillar generators and substantial switchgear, the site had the backup capacity to run the plant for several days during a power outage.

Comrent was tasked with performing ongoing load testing of this extremely complex system, including the generators, switchgear, fuel systems and other critical components. In addition, the actual programming was to be done under real-time and real-load conditions.

Equipment Required for the Test

Comrent conducted the load test using both resistive and reactive load banks. Three of Comrent’s CR3750 portable reactive load banks were deployed on this project. Ideal for tests requiring a power factor of 0.8 at 5 and 15 kV class voltages, this medium voltage load bank is housed in an ISO container equipped with a fused disconnect, forced ventilation, operator control station manual with metering, and a networked capable PLC with remote touch screen.

Comrent’s CR3750 load banks are designed to work in parallel with Comrent’s CR922A resistive load banks to achieve a 0.8 power factor load. In addition to the three CR3750 reactive load banks, Comrent also used three medium voltage resistive CR922A load banks. The custom engineered CR922A load bank meets the testing requirements of medium voltage generators at a power factor of 1.0. An outdoor portable unit, the CR922A easily unloads from a truck using telescoping leg extensions and struts.

Why Fluor Selected Comrent

Fluor decided to work with Comrent because it had the best equipment capabilities and configuration. Given the tight space at Fluor’s Puerto Rico site, the Comrent solution required the least amount of equipment. To maximize safety on the site, Comrent configured the project with minimal cable runs.

In addition, Comrent provided Fluor with a convenient, service-intensive solution. Comrent provided expert technical assistance during the project set-up, as well as monthly service inspections throughout the testing period. Overall, Fluor appreciated the ease of operation and control of Comrent’s load banks, as well as the expertise and servicing provided throughout the testing project.

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