How To Expedite Your Building Commissioning Project

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COVID-19 has presented unique challenges for a large cross-section of industries. In keeping with health guidelines issued by the CDC, many businesses have halted or outright changed their entire operational models in order to continue functioning. When it comes to opening new facilities, many businesses have put plans on hold, or worked closely with engineers to decide what phases of the commissioning process can be postponed, what can be accomplished remotely, and what safety measures must be in place for in-person visits. With some states and businesses fully reopening, it may be time to consider whether now is the right time to fully recontinue the commissioning process. For utilities and data centers, the building commissioning process is especially important as thousands rely on these facilities for critical needs. Finding a quick and cost-efficient method for expediting commissioning projects in order to open facilities and meet deadlines will become critical for business owners through the rest of 2020.  

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing offers facility owners the most cost-efficient, quickest, and safest method for verifying that facility components such as back-up generators, UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), power distribution units, computer room air conditioning units, and other systems can operate at their intended load. Without testing these components at their max power rating, all sorts of potential issues could result in critical system failures in the course of operations. The commissioning process helps ensure that facilities are properly load tested before they go live.

Don’t Test Using the Power Grid

When load testing from the power grid, fluctuations make it difficult to achieve precise readings and repeatable testing parameters. Without strict control of your testing parameters, your commissioning test will have an increased margin of error and a greater risk of inaccurate results. Load banks offer control over all critical power parameters, including voltage, current, and load. Designating the exact parameters you need when load testing helps mimic real-life scenarios, allowing for faster and more accurate testing.

Testing from the grid also requires approval and scheduling with a utility provider beforehand, as well as an engineer to come set up the interconnection itself, pushing viable start dates further down the line. A comprehensive load bank test can be set up within a day and delivered to your facility within 48 hours, making your timeline easier to manage. Using a load bank over the power grid improves overall system reliability and ensures your customers and facility will have consistent power.

Hire Expert Solution Providers

Load bank testing experts can help ensure that testing parameters are up to industry standards while providing you with an exact frame of time in which testing will be conducted. You can be confident in knowing your commissioning project will get done right the first time, saving you the financial and time costs of reconfiguring and retesting to find the correct design and equipment placement. When load bank testing, it’s vital to use equipment that has been tested and is ready to be put into operation. Other load bank providers may not be able to guarantee properly functioning equipment the way Comrent can. We individually inspect every load bank and piece of equipment before delivery to guarantee proper functionality. You will never have to worry about equipment reliability when partnering with Comrent. As the leading load testing service provider, Comrent has 23 years of experience in aligning load bank solutions with industry regulations to build commissioning and maintenance plans, on-time and on-budget. Leveraging the largest load bank inventory in the U.S. with a team of 18 project experts and 47 technicians, we have the expertise to select the right equipment for your project and access to the right solutions to validate your facility during commissioning and through continuous maintenance.  Contact us today, for a complimentary consultation.

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