Eiffel Tower is Now Generating its Own Renewable Energy

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One of the world’s most renowned architectural icons, France’s Eiffel Tower, is now generating its own renewable energy. This news comes after the international landmark’s addition of two on-site, vertical axis wind turbines and a small solar array.

As part of a renovation and upgrade to the first floor of the tower, two turbines which are located above the second floor, will produce 10,000kWh of electricity a year. This is enough energy to provide power for the commercial energy needs of the newly revamped tourist attraction, and comes in the wake of a series of other efficiency upgrades the tower has undergone as part of the City of Paris Climate Plan.

The company who designed the turbines, Urban Green Energy International (UGE), made sure that they designed and painted the wind energy system to match the tower.

The 10m² array of solar panels is mounted on the roof of a visitor pavilion at the site and has an output that will meet about 50 percent of the water heating needs of the Tower’s two pavilions.

LED lighting and high-performance heat pumps were also installed to ensure a constantly balanced temperature.

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