How To Ensure Effective Fuel Usage When Commissioning Wind Turbines

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Load banks offer a flexible and effective way to commission wind turbines. In addition to testing the power-generation capabilities of your wind farm without a grid connection, load banks offer the flexibility to meet your deadlines and opportunity to verify equipment and system functionality.

For a proper wind farm load test, you need to use both a generator and load bank in tandem.G

enerators are used because without a grid connection there is no outside power to energize the wind farm and test each turbine’s ability to generate electricity. While the generator powers the island, a load bank is used to dissipate the power, allowing the current to flow through the entire process.

By using both pieces of equipment, you are able to produce consistent measurement parameters and accurate readings to help you ensure your system is ready when the grid arrives.The problem that does arise when using a generator is the associated fuel cost. Large generators use a lot of fuel, and in some cases the price of fuel can exceed that of the load test equipment rental. There are many factors that play a role in fuel usage including generator and load bank settings, size of the facility, temperature, testing parameters, and more.

To minimize this cost, Comrent focuses on fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency is the electrical energy that is generated per unit volume of fuel. We are able to minimize fuel usage when commissioning wind turbines because of our deep knowledge of load testing equipment and the renewable industry.

Comrent’s technicians understand the nuances of why the equipment operates in the way it does to complete a commissioning test. Due to that understanding, our experts are trained to utilize the most efficient settings to manage fuel usage. We make a concerted effort to ensure that when the generator is running, it is done so in a precise manner to streamline testing and reduce unnecessary fuel usage.

Partnering with Comrent takes the risk out of wind farm commissioning and ensures effective fuel usage. Pairing the largest inventory of wind-specific load testing solutions with complete application engineering, onsite management, and turnkey logistics services, Comrent elevates fuel efficiency, saving you time and money

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