Data center outage costs Canadian government $1.6M in equipment & lost productivity

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The Marysville Data Center, also known as the Canadian Government’s IT center that houses programs for departments such as health, justice, finance, public safety and government services, has cost the Canadian government an estimated $1.6 million in the aftermath of a data center failure in June caused by a power outage.

The figure, calculated by Ernst & Young, includes $1.1 million spent on recovery and another $500,000 on lost productivity. Part of the failure was due to a failure in the backup power systems.

That, coupled with the lack of a recovery plan, created not only a crisis for the government and its various departments and agencies, but also for the data center charged with keeping those systems up and running.

This story, coupled with many of the data center outage stories that we hear throughout the year, reinforces the importance as to why testing should be done on an annual basis to help minimize your business’ risk of an outage that could cost you millions.

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