Data Center Load Bank Testing

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Data center owners can isolate and correct any issues by validating electrical and mechanical infrastructure performance with load bank testing during the data center commissioning process. Commissioning agents have been known to accelerate the commissioning process and reduce associated costs with post-deployment configuration changes and schedule delays

.Load bank testing allows you to confirm the performance of the cooling and power distribution infrastructures. It also validates room design and equipment placement.

Data center load bank testing should test the entire system as integrated, not simply individual components. Full system testing provides an accurate baseline for ongoing operational performance.

Selecting the Best Load Bank Solution

Given the increased complexity and higher server density in today's data center design, load bank testing delivers an accurate, efficient, and safe operation. The right load bank technology precisely simulates the operational characteristics of production servers and the loss of power that can occur.

With advanced load testing technology and proven processes, you can mimic the electrical load, heat generation, airflow, and physical dimensions of actual server racks.

The right load bank solution ensures commissioning proceeds within the established budget and schedule. When selecting a load bank, you should consider these factors:

  • An experienced provider can remotely manage Wi-Fi-enabled load banks, reducing the need for on-site personnel. You eliminate the need for testing staff to physically move around the data center adjusting load steps and fan speeds during testing.
  • In many applications, medium voltage load banks can provide added benefits. They drastically reduce cabling requirements and installation time. Using medium voltage load banks can also reduce labor costs and create fewer points of failure.
  • Highly configurable load banks help produce more detailed tests in less time. They contain variable speed fans and configurable load-step resolutions per channel.
  • Advanced power quality monitors collect rich data sets from the rack, aisle, or room level using an indefinite number of collection points.
  • The best load bank solutions will improve safety during electrical and cooling system testing. They can provide wrong voltage detection, power supply shutdown, and thermal overload protection.

Should You Purchase or Rent Load Banks?

In most testing applications, including data center commissioning, you are usually better served by renting load bank equipment. Because load banks are typically used only during commissioning and periodic maintenance, you can eliminate a significant capital expenditure for the initial purchase. You will also incur costs for load bank servicing, maintenance, storage, and inventory taxes.

Renting load banks from a reputable supplier eliminates many costs and increases reliability. The provider tests and calibrates equipment before shipping to the testing site, as well as upgrades all firmware and software. Experienced and knowledgeable testing technicians know how to operate sophisticated load bank equipment and conduct successful load bank testing.

Comrent’s team of load bank experts helps ensure successful data center testing. We provide a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution to meet your requirements. Contact us today.

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