Data Center Growth Means More and New Career Opportunities

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While today’s data center continues to evolve, businesses are spending more on their environments to better compete in the evolving world. Global spending is increasing and as their approach to infrastructure changes, organizations are having trouble finding employees who can support these new initiatives.

Enhanced skills and abilities are now necessary to meet the new demands of the market. The market has created new positions, evolved others, and has forced many companies to invest in new talent.

The market is competitive, and finding the right people is a difficulty many organizations face. Three roles that are especially hard to fill are data center facility technicians, engineers, and operators; IT systems and/or applications personnel; and network and telecommunications personnel. In general, there have been increases in data center IT and facility personnel.

According to a survey, 53 percent indicated that there is increased demand for onsite coverage. 38 percent said that retention costs for existing staff have increased. 33 percent said that increased training and certification requirements drove up costs.

The data center space is rapidly growing, meaning there are many more career opportunities. Organizations are now looking for more diverse skill sets and people that can have an impact on business processes. The good news is demand around data center and cloud services will only continue to grow.

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