Data Center Commissioning Checklist

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To successfully commission a data center, you need to follow a comprehensive plan during each of a building project’s phases. Using a data center commissioning checklist will ensure your project stays on track and you integrate best practices for testing your critical data center systems.Load testing represents an essential component of data center commissioning. By load testing your equipment before your facility goes live, you can validate proper functionality. Also, you can verify the performance of your entire infrastructure and optimize your data center’s design and layout.A data center commissioning checklist helps ensure you conduct load bank testing properly. Useful load testing can have a positive impact on your capital and operating budgets. Load testing during data center commissioning allows you to fix any problems that surface before your data center goes into production. If you don't uncover issues before launching your facility, you risk more costly repairs, redesigns, and retrofitting. Also, load testing produces a performance baseline that can assist with future maintenance and upgrades.Using a Data Center Commissioning ChecklistThe Building Commissioning Association (BCA) produced detailed guidelines to define and clarify the commissioning process. Using these recommendations, we developed a high-level data center commissioning checklist categorized by project phase:Pre-Design Phase

  • Assemble the commissioning team
  • Involve key stakeholders in the commissioning planning process
  • Create the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document
  • Determine the initial commissioning scope, schedule, and budget
  • Define the commissioning plan
  • Implement contingency plans for special circumstances
  • Decide how to leverage load bank technology into the data center commissioning
  • Focus on selecting innovative load testing services that improve set-up time, safety, and operational efficiency
  • Implement a load bank testing strategy into the commissioning plan that simulates electrical and thermal load characteristics of the equipment used in the data center
  • Integrate power quality monitors to complete load tests in less time, collect more data, reduce reporting time, and consolidate devices
  • Integrate all load bank functions, controls, and operations so the load banks can be operated remotely from the solution provider’s network operations center

Design Phase

  • Communicate the data center commissioning requirements to project team members
  • Verify design documentation consistency with the OPR
  • Include commissioning requirements in the construction documents
  • Build engagement and cooperation among project team members

Construction Phase

  • Update the data center commissioning plan as required
  • Ensure commissioning team members understand roles and responsibilities
  • Install equipment, systems, and assemblies correctly
  • Confirm functionality and maintainability
  • Provide the operations and maintenance personnel with complete systems operating documentation
  • Create training documentation
  • Train applicable personnel thoroughly
  • Develop a plan for ongoing training

Occupancy and Operations Phase

  • Complete any functional testing and training not completed during the construction phase
  • Finalize systems and commissioning documentation
  • Confirm a successful turnover to operations and maintenance personnel
  • Evaluate and optimize facility performance
  • Implement a plan for ongoing commissioning of the data center over time
  • Evaluate the project and measure the level of success

Ongoing Maintenance

  • Update the maintenance plan as required
  • Use load banks to perform load testing on a regular basis to:
  • Ensure subsystems in the data center operate as intended
  • Reduce equipment and process failures
  • Identify issues and corrective actions required
  • Increase component life cycle
  • Create energy savings
  • Improve data center reliability and availability
  • Enhance cost efficiencies for equipment-related tasks

Comrent recommends these practices to optimize data center commissioning, load testing, and facility operation. Using a data center commissioning checklist helps you achieve your load testing and commissioning goals. Successfully commissioning a data center with the proper load testing services optimizes the facility’s operation and streamlines costs.To learn more, visit Comrent’s application selector. You can see our breadth of solutions and narrow down your options. You can filter products based on AC or DC current and types, including capacitive only, inductive only, resistive only, and resistive/inductive.Our team of load bank experts is ready to help ensure your system is successfully interconnected. We offer a complimentary consultation to review your project and propose the right load bank solution for your requirements. Contact us today.

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