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Over the past 30 years, the vast majority of advancements in load bank technology have involved mechanical improvements and improved workflow efficiency from improved process design. But today’s newest load banks have come to rely heavily on advanced software to achieve top performance. The latest of these advances in custom-built remote software are making the load testing process more efficient and cost-effective. This trend reflects a shift in the marketplace towards custom software solutions, built to specification around a company’s recurring load bank testing and site monitoring needs. This shift is a sign not only of the expansion of the load bank rental market but also of the growth in specificity around the needs of load bank users.

The latest market studies show the global load bank industry is growing at nearly three and a half percent, annually. An impressive rate that is expected to continue through 2021.

Here are some of the most common uses of customized software in the industry for load bank testing.

  1. Optimize load banks to deliver certain types of loads at varying strengths to a power system.
  2. Test system response to complex, real-world scenarios, such as voltage sag.
  3. Manage complexity of data center with a given power supply.
  4. Name and isolate individual or groups of load banks for more accurate stage testing.
  5. Orchestrate actions between many load banks.
  6. Prepare system for increased use of automation in testing protocols.

Especially with the rise of remote-control systems for load bank testing, custom software solutions will become the norm among consumers of load bank solutions.

The goal of pursuing a custom software solution is to provide cost efficiency to customers with a testing and monitoring experience highly attuned to their system’s specific needs and sensitivities. In addition, Comrent’s industry-leading latency standards make monitoring nearly ten times more accurate than the next load bank provider.Comrent has been developing custom load bank testing solutions for more than 20 years. Their technicians and engineers pioneered the load bank rental industry so that more industries could access turnkey load bank testing solutions without breaking the bank

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