Comrent Exhibiting at Data Center World

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Data Center World is under way and Comrent will be at Booth # 1137.

Come visit and learn about an important new opportunity for data center engineers, contractors and commissioning agents.

You can achieve greater server efficiency and optimize thermal performance of your facility by properly testing and commissioning existing data centers. Testing provides:·         Predictability of product life cycle·         Validate capital expenditure needs·         Lower operating expense·         Improve availability and reliabilityWhen it comes to commissioning and testing data centers, Comrent has the experience. Comrent has proved that the accuracy of rack mounted load banks is significantly better than floor loadbanks – from a thermal mapping perspective.

A rack mounted load bank helps identify the right size HVAC equipment (not something larger than you need) and lowers your electricity bill by lowering air condition needs.

The graph below demonstrates the equivalent of the “occupant temperature” in a room to that of a “cold aisle temperature” in a data center space.  Cold aisle temperatures, like creature comfort temperatures, set the design basis for the HVAC industry*.  Mal-distributed temperatures within the room’s occupancy space will inevitably lead the HVAC designer to up-size the equipment and/or the occupant to adjust the thermostat to compensate for the “hot pockets”.  The first leads to excessive capital equipment investments whereas the later leads to either higher capital and/or operating costs.

Comrent is actively working to provide constant innovation in the Data Center Commissioning space.  We are launching a product this year that will change data center commissioning significantly. Data center customers will see: even greater precision, lower airflow requirements, faster install times to name a few benefits

If you want to learn more, Contact us or stop by our booth (number 1137) to learn more about Comrent’s innovation.

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