Commissioning Solutions for Data Centers – The Benefits of Load Bank Testing

Comrent is providing solutions for mission-critical power testing infrastructure.

Load bank testing is a critical component of data center commissioning. Here’s why:·      Load testing validates system design and performance. As a result, you gain the peace-of-mind knowing your newly constructed data center will operate as expected.·      It’s less expensive to fix problems before your data center goes into production. The cost of renting load bank solutions is far less than the expense of resolving issues after your facility goes live.

When you deploy the proper load bank solution, you  should position your data center commissioning project to meet budget requirements. You can also limit your costs by reducing labor requirements – the largest single expense in data center commissioning.

For example, some load bank suppliers allow you to manage multiple load banks that can be networked with Windows and Android devices. With this flexibility, you can eliminate the need for your staff manually adjust load steps and fan speeds during testing.

In addition, you can deploy medium-voltage load banks for diesel generator testing. These solutions reduce cabling and installation requirements significantly, making for a safer test environment. They also create fewer points of failure.

·      You gain greater efficiency in your operation through load bank commissioning solutions that are focused on optimizing the facility. In data center applications, the demand for higher server density increases complexity. For example, high server thermal output, hot-aisle/cold-aisle rack positioning and complex cooling systems require an accurate simulation of the data center operating environment. Only rack-mounted load banks can precisely mimic the actual electrical load, heat generation, airflow and physical dimensions of your computer equipment.

·      A variety of load bank solutions can meet your requirements. Data center commissioning calls for more sophisticated load bank solutions. Simple “suitcase” load banks just won’t fit the bill when commissioning a critical facility. They fail to predict hotspots in production environments. By varying electrical load, heat and airflow, customized platforms of rack-mounted load banks can precisely simulate data center operations.·      Using power-quality monitors, you can collect large data sets to better evaluate the electrical system performance. Data can be collected at the rack, aisle or room level. The monitor gathers all of the voltage and current data required for all of the commissioning tests. It gather s harmonic distortion and DC voltage data in real time, This is ideal for documenting the testing of generators, UPS’s and transfer switches.·      The load bank testing solutions will also provide wrong-voltage detection, power-supply shutdown and thermal overload protection. With this safety monitoring, you can avoid disaster during data center commissioning.·      Load bank testing allows you to document thermal and electrical load requirements. This information helps you confirm to clients that your equipment meets all test specifications, including back-up generator and UPS performance. It also enables you to improve rack placement, optimize HVAC settings, as well as create a benchmark for future data center upgrades or expansions.·      Load bank commissioning solutions help provide accurate budgetary data. When equipment meets all test specifications, you’re able to validate your capital expenditure budget. You can also better estimate power and cooling requirements in your operating expense budget. The more accurate your budgets, the lower risk you have of incurring an unexpected expense.·      Conducting a comprehensive load bank test during your data center’s commissioning will help with regulatory compliance and environmental certification. A successful load test will simplify the compliance process for local, state and federal regulations. It will also assist you in attaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.·      Integrated system testing is the final stage of data center commissioning. A well-orchestrated, load bank solution that is oriented towards Precision Commissioning can reduce your project resource commitment and ensure the project timeline is met.

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