Bipartisan Coalition Launches Congressional Battery Storage Caucus

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Energy storage has become a topic of conversation in Congress. Recently, a bipartisan duo of legislators announced that they have teamed up with the Energy Storage Alliance in an effort to launch the Congressional Battery Storage Caucus. This will focus on the commitment to educating colleagues about energy storage and the support of legislation to help expand the industry.

By pairing technology with renewables such as wind and solar power, the energy landscape will be drastically transformed.

Why was this caucus formed? Takano and Representative Chris Collins from New York both served on the House Science Committee for two years, and they became convinced storage should be part of the nation’s “all of the above” energy portfolio. This idea included taking off-grid power, such as wind or solar, and storing it. Battery storage will eliminate the reliability gaps that occur when wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining.

The caucus will mainly be educational. It will inform congressional colleagues of the importance in creating a policy environment that values battery energy storage. The first months of the caucus will focus on recruiting new members and educating fellow staffers on storage issues. In the long run, the caucus will be evaluated by its ability to educate members and staff about the potential of battery energy storage and the progress made in the industry.

When Takano was asked by a storage industry audience how they can help get more members for the caucus, he said that companies and storage advocates should write to representatives who have significant renewable energy manufacturing or generating facilities in their districts and attempt to draw the connection between storage and clean energy. While the caucus is still small, Takano feels confident that it won’t remain that way for long.

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