Amazon Moves into Korea to Launch Cloud Data Center

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Amazon has announced its plans to move into South Korea beginning next year. This is Amazon’s fifth region reached in the Asia Pacific and will enable Korean companies from startups and gaming companies to enterprises to utilize cloud services.

This is an opportunity for Korean companies to take advantage of the new cloud services once they are actively online. An Amazon Web Services region usually consists of multiple data centers linked by a wide area network, but Amazon has not yet specified how many cloud data centers it was planning to introduce online in Korea.

Amazon is not the only company to provide public infrastructure as a service in Asia. Other US companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google are spending billions in cloud data center expansion to bring the best functionality, have the lowest prices, and expand scale.

US-based cloud giants have been moving aggressively after Asia’s rapidly growing cloud service market. IBM recently surfaced a deal with the Chinese data provider, 21Vianet, to provide its Bluemix Platform as a service to customers in China and the launch of IBM’s first SoftLayer data center in India.

Not only are US-based cloud service providers expanding data center capacity in the region, but Asian cloud service providers are as well. Chinese e-commerce and cloud giant Alibaba recently brought a new data center online in the Zhejiang Province.

Amazon’s company chief cloud evangelist, Jeff Barr stated, “These customers have asked us for a local region and we are looking forward to making it available to them and to many other enterprises, startups, partners, government agencies, and educators in Korea.”

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