13 fascinating charts that show the state of American energy

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The Department of Energy released its first Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) last month which essentially outlines a bill of health for America's energy infrastructure in an effort for U.S. government to review the state of U.S. energy infrastructure and suggest improvements.

The first QER calls for up to $5 billion to be spent over the next decade to modernize the country's grid infrastructure. While the U.S. has "the most advanced energy systems in the world," the report says the market landscape is quickly changing — and infrastructure needs to adapt.

The report outlines various charts which examine the energy industry's greatest challenges. Here are 13 of the report's most insightful charts including information on:

  1. The decoupling of electricity demand and economic growth
  2. Low demand growth for utilities
  3. Energy efficiency policy
  4. The aging workforce
  5. Transmission investment
  6. Gas infrastructure
  7. Gas pipeline incidents
  8. Pipeline explosions and methane emissions
  9. Greenhouse gas emissions
  10. Emissions-reducing technologies
  11. The impact of climate change
  12. Severe weather
  13. Climate change and grid infrastructure

See them all here.

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