10 Trends that Will Impact Your Data Center in 2016

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Looking ahead to the future of data centers and the evolution of technology, here are 10 trends to know that can impact your data center in the coming year.

1. Higher Power Density

By accommodating higher power density, the opportunity to lower costs and improve the performance of your data center becomes easier. This would also require less space for your facility, improving efficiency and effectiveness of your power usage.

2. Security

As many transform to multi-tenant and hosted data center facilities, an increased need for security has become apparent. Improving the physical building infrastructure with more cameras and checkpoints will create a more secure system for your data.

3. Compliance

As more companies and people look to do business all hours of every day, having Uptime Institute certification is more important than ever. Other compliance standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Acountability Act (HIPAA) and PCI Security Standards can improve your business as well.

4. Flexibility

With the IT industry evolving as frequently as it does, having a data center that guarantees future flexibility is vital to ensuring that your needs are continually met as time goes on and technology changes.

5. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Systems

A DCIM provides a higher-level understanding of your environment, your assets, and your data center’s performance. It can allow for a better analysis of your data center as you plan for the future.

6. Standardization

Instead of focusing on smaller projects, IT services are moving towards providing a set of services. Standardizing allows for a new approach for IT infrastructure: the hybrid data center, which can help to ensure the security of IT operations.

7. The IT and Facilities Divide

IT and facilities teams usually work separately with minimal communication. The gap between these two departments can lead to slowed service deployment, increased expenses, and less productivity.

8. Connectivity

With a greater need for immediate connectedness and fast load times, lessening your dependence on individual providers can help you get around the need for circuit-by-circuit installation. This will help decrease costs and increase the speed of services provided.

9. Availability

In order to quickly deploy servers to meet increased customer needs without sacrificing availability, moving to an operational resiliency model can enhance the process. This model can maximize performance and gain 24/7 availability.

10. Data Center Strategy

Creating and implementing a data center strategy that accounts for a legacy, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures will ensure greatest predictability. Aligning your goals ensures the best business, increasing value and performance of your IT services.

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