Meet Your Wind Farm Commissioning Tax Deadline With ComRent

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In order to meet production goals and the federal and state qualifying deadlines for renewable energy production tax credit, you need to complete wind farm commissioning by end of year. If the transmission interconnection is not available when your wind farm is ready to begin commissioning, it can put your critical deadlines and financial incentives at risk.

Load bank testing gives you the option to fully charge your system, emulating the grid, and make pre-grid wind farm load testing a reality. With the right load bank rental partner, you can schedule your load test months in advance.

Being committed to helping you meet your tax deadline is only one of the benefits of partnering with ComRent:

  • Inventory. We house the largest inventory of wind-specific load testing solutions in the nation. With access to both generators and resistive/reactive load banks, you will be able to schedule your load test 3-6 months in advance, positioning you to test on your time.
  • Efficiency. Our load bank experts understand the complex nature of wind testing and use their insights to maximize the efficiency of your project. From working with your team to meeting deadlines and effectively managing and reducing generator fuel costs, we are committed to providing solutions to your challenges while saving you time and money.
  • Planning. Starting with consultative planning, our team partners with you to discover the unique testing requirements and timeline of your wind farm commissioning project then builds a testing plan customized to your facility.
  • Savings. When using a generator during a load test, fuel usage can add up quickly. Our technicians are specially trained to utilize the most efficient settings and manage fuel usage to keep costs minimal.
  • Accuracy. All of ComRent’s equipment is thoroughly tested before use to ensure consistent measurement parameters and accurate readings. Every load bank rental project includes a fully-trained, on-site technical expert to manage delivery, set-up, testing, troubleshooting, and tear-down. With access to a dependable consultant during the entire project, you can rest assured your load tests will be completed accurately and efficiently.

As the heart of the grid emulation system, load banks provide the only solution to ensure your system is ready when the grid arrives. Finding the right load bank rental company is critical to meeting your tax deadlines. Let ComRent help take the guessing game out of wind farm commissioning. Contact our experts for a free consultation.

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