Make sure your equipment is ready when it’s called upon.

Test with a Load Bank.

At ComRent, we specialize in load bank commissioning, making pre-grid testing a simple, convenient and on-demand process that accelerates the project in-service.

We offer a full range of load bank rentals in all sizes and classes for troubleshooting and commissioning data centers, hospitals, emergency power generators, and other mission critical assets.

From portable and stationary to AC and DC options, we can ensure your load bank commissioning project is a success.

Learn more about our load bank solutions today.

Benefits of Load Testing with ComRent

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Sustained Target Load for Accurate & Balanced Testing

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Capture Target Load Data in as Little As 20 Minutes

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Cut Commissioning Time by 20%, Collect Revenue Faster

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Guaranteed Availability (Over 3,500 Load Banks)

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End-to-End Power Testing & Validation

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Avoid Damage to Production Components

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Mitigate Financial Risk of Unplanned Outages & Downtime

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Gain Project Planning Assistance

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Receive Onsite Test Supervision

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Enjoy 24/7 Technical Support

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All Equipment is 100% Tested Prior to Shipment

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