Operate with Confidence. Test with a ComRent Load Bank

Smart equipment commissioning for power systems reliability

How Load Banks Work

Load banks are an insurance policy against unwanted power failures. Designed to ensure accuracy, efficiency and safety in commissioning, load banks produce artificial loads, verifying if equipment can function properly at full capacity for a sustained period.

Why ComRent?

Industry expertise, client consultation, equipment volume and extensive reach – that is the winning combination. That is how ComRent delivers excellence in load bank testing. We consistently deliver on our end, so you can deliver on yours – maintaining project schedules, staying on budget and keeping your good name intact.

Optimal Equipment Commissioning

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Integrity Checking
Capture target load data in as little as 20 minutes

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Risk Reduction
Locate problems in real time and fix before causing untold damage

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Limit Commissioning Labor Costs
Remotely manage WiFi-enabled load banks with Windows and Android devices

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Power Quality & Equipment Protection
Medium voltage load banks provide stable and balanced loads vs the grid

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Premier Support
Receive onsite test supervision and 24/7 technical assistance

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Power System Reliability
All equipment is 100% tested prior to shipment

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