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Never compromise power delivery to the data center floor. Partner with a ComRent load bank expert.

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    Industry expertise, client consultation, equipment volume and extensive reach – that is the winning combination. That is how ComRent delivers excellence in load bank testing. We consistently deliver on our end, so you can deliver on yours – maintaining project schedules, staying on budget and keeping your good name intact.

    Benefits of Load Testing with ComRent

    • Sustained Target Load for Accurate & Balanced Testing
    • Capture Target Load Data in as Little As 20 Minutes
    • Cut Commissioning Time by 20%, Collect Revenue Faster
    • Guaranteed Availability (Over 3,500 Load Banks)
    • End-to-End Power Testing & Validation
    • Avoid Damage to Production Components
    • Mitigate Financial Risk of Unplanned Outages & Downtime
    • Gain Project Planning Assistance
    • Receive Onsite Test Supervision
    • Enjoy 24/7 Technical Support
    • All Equipment is 100% Tested Prior to Shipment


    ( . . . ) with (ComRent’s) help, we achieved something the engineer said couldn’t be done. This level of service is what keeps us coming back time and time again.


    Arthur Kuhn, Rental Manager, Cummins Atlantic

    Data Center Testing Applications

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