ComRent Commissioning Solutions for Data Centers

Never compromise power delivery to the data center floor. Partner with a ComRent load bank expert.




Industry expertise, client consultation, equipment volume and extensive reach – that is the winning combination. That is how ComRent delivers excellence in load bank testing.

We consistently deliver on our end, so you can deliver on yours – maintaining project schedules, staying on budget and keeping your good name intact.

Benefits of Load Testing with ComRent

Sustained Target Load for Accurate & Balanced Testing

Capture Target Load Data in as Little As 20 Minutes

Cut Commissioning Time by 20%, Collect Revenue Faster

Guaranteed Availability (Over 3,500 Load Banks)

End-to-End Power Testing & Validation

Avoid Damage to Production Components

Mitigate Financial Risk of Unplanned Outages & Downtime

Gain Project Planning Assistance

Receive Onsite Test Supervision

Enjoy 24/7 Technical Support

All Equipment is 100% Tested Prior to Shipment

Your Winning Experience Starts Here

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