What to Look for in Resistive/Inductive Load Banks

Resistive/inductive load banks test mission critical power systems, such as turbines, generators, switchgear, and UPS systems. By leveraging these load bank testing solutions, you can evaluate the performance of your entire power system.


Resistive-only load banks represent the most common type of load bank testing solution. Using high-power resistors, they convert electrical energy to heat. Then, this heat gets dissipated from the load bank typically by air or water. Real-life resistive loads involve incandescent lighting and heating devices.

An inductive load converts current into a magnetic field. Because it resists changes in current, an inductive load causes the circuit current to lag voltage.

When used in combination with resistive load banks, inductive load banks can simulate real-life mixed commercial loads consisting of lighting, heating, motors, transformers, and chokes. Many advanced applications require heavy inductive loads, including government mandated projects, wind farms, solar power plants, and offshore maritime operations.

Resistive/Inductive Load Bank Features to Consider

When designed with rugged enclosures, resistive/inductive load banks can function in all types of weather. Other useful capabilities include advanced control options through a laptop or hand-held controller, programmable testing with the ability to record and save test data, adjustable power factor, fully digital metering, load step resolutions, and connections for easy cable roll-out and roll-up.

To learn more, visit ComRent’s application selector. You can see our breadth of load bank testing solutions and narrow down your options. You can filter products based on AC or DC current and types, such as capacitive only, inductive only, resistive only, resistive/inductive and other types.

We Simplify DC Power Testing

ComRent provides turnkey resistive and inductive load bank solutions for load bank testing designed to help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. Using our resistive/inductive load banks, you can create real-world load situations that provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load. A controlled load testing environment minimizes risk to your expensive equipment.


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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