Applications for AC Resistive Load Banks

Resistive load testing simulates real-life loads and verifies your power system operates at its rated capacity. Our load testing services identify any problems early so you can perform the necessary maintenance. Early detection of issues helps you minimize the risk of system failure and avoid crippling downtime.


Load testing is a vital component for maintaining your overall system health. It provides the only viable way to ensure your equipment performs according to specifications. You can test with AC resistive load banks to confirm the operation of backup power systems in any industry.

Organizations commonly use AC load banks for testing and maintaining AC power sources, including:

Most AC resistive load banks operate onsite in industrial and lab environments. Fully self-contained and designed for portable use, they come in various sizes and configurations. Safety features prevent overheating and current overload.

To learn more about ComRent’s AC resistive load banks, visit our application selector. You can see the breadth of solutions available for a broad range of requirements. The selector allows you to filter products quickly based on AC current and resistive type.

We Simplify AC Power Testing

ComRent provides turnkey load bank solutions and load testing services designed to help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. Using our load bank solutions, you can create real-world load situations that provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load. A controlled load testing environment minimizes risk to your expensive equipment.


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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