Load Bank Testing Solution Speeds Equipment Utilization and Space Exploration

The Challenge

Substation Commissioning Without Customer Load

A utility with a high-profile project needed to commission a new 115kV/13.2kV substation. It was at a scientific/space launch site for future Mars Exploration projects.

The transmission substation was connected to a primary 115kV circuit, but there was no load connected for substation commissioning purposes. They needed an appropriate load bank supplier to test the protective relays and communication system.

The Solution

Turnkey Medium-Voltage Load Bank Package

ComRent’s world-class onsite customer support team worked with the customer to coordinate logistics, system setup and operation. They provided a turnkey solution of 5MW at 13.2kV to produce an adequate secondary side current to test CT connections and relay functionality.

The solution was the CR922, a powerful load bank only offered by ComRent, that can provide up to 5Mw at 13.8kV (de-rated to 4.57Mw at 13.2kV). To ensure full support, the load bank supplier also provided a fused disconnect switchgear, 15kV class cables and a generator for control power to the load bank.

By using this load bank, they connected directly to the secondary buss at 13.2kV and provided enough current to activate all CT’s to test the substation’s relays. Once the 13.2kV buss was energized, the load was applied to the system and multiple relay CT’s were tested for polarity, saturation, and ratios.

ComRent’s service technicians were onsite to support the P&C technician until all relay element tests were completed and all CT’s were verified.

The Impact

Successful Substation Commissioning Supports Future Space Exploration

ComRent delivered a load bank solution package that successfully verified the operating parameters, relay functionality, and Protection & Control system check.

As a utility company, the customer had been accumulating the project expense in their construction in progress (CIP) account.

Upon successful completion of the substation commissioning project, they were able to capitalize project expenses to their asset base- or rate base.*

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