Load Bank Testing for all Data Center Tiers

Load Bank Testing for all Data Center Tiers


Data Center Tiers

01 – Small Businesses
99.671% Uptime
Annual Downtime: 28.8 hours
No redundancy

02 – Medium-size Businesses
99.749% Uptime
Annual Downtime: 22 hours
Partial redundancy in power and cooling

03 – Large Businesses
99.982% Uptime
Annual Downtime: 1.6 hours
72 hour power outage protection

04 – Enterprise Corporations
99.995% Uptime
Annual Downtime: .4 hours or 2.4 minutes
96 hour power outage protection

The moment your data center fails…. you start paying the price. You can lose an average of $138,000 for every hour your data center is out of commission.

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