Utility Substation Commissioning Checklist

When you construct a new substation, you must conduct a commissioning test of substation equipment before it goes into operation. The substation commissioning process involves turning on the facility, determining what works, identifying any issues, and fixing problems before going on-line. Following a substation commissioning checklist helps you complete the process successfully.


Utility Substation Commissioning Checklist

When you conduct end-to-end system substation equipment testing, you ensure functionality and correct settings of relays, billing meters, breakers, and transformers. Also, you can reduce costly errors from load swapping, system trips, and the use of line workers. Plus, substation commissioning helps provide accurate and calibrated billing systems.

A substation commissioning checklist should include these main steps:

Typical Substation Testing Hierarchy

The hierarchy describes the different testing levels in the substation commissioning checklist:

After a successful utility substation commissioning project, a facility meets the design intent, substation equipment specifications, and owner’s requirements. For critical operations such as utilities, a substation commissioning checklist can provide the framework to achieve these goals.

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