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Load Bank Testing For Solar Farms

Faster commissioning through grid emulation, without the grid connection.

Why You Need ComRent

When grid power is unavailable and your solar farm needs to complete commissioning, you run the risk of missing tax incentive deadlines and contractual obligations. Load testing for solar farms allows you to emulate the grid, fully energizing your system, to verify equipment performance and system functionality. With extensive knowledge focused in solar, we serve as your industry expert and consultant on load testing and upcoming IEEE compliance for your solar farm.

Making Pre-Grid Load Testing A Reality

Our load bank experts leverage years of experience and extensive knowledge of solar farms to streamline the commissioning of your solar farm.

Available Equipment

Construction delays, backlogged interconnecting witness tests, and incomplete transmission lines are common reasons your grid connection can be delayed. Our extensive inventory is rapidly deployed to keep your project on track when your tax deadlines are approaching.

Accurate Testing

Load testing for solar farms requires a variety of equipment depending on the test type. To complete a thorough test, your facility may need a load bank, power quality monitors, an inverter, and diesel generator. Our technicians will manage these components and your entire load test from setup to tear down, ensuring accurate results.

IEEE Compliance

IEEE 1547-2018 will impact the solar farm commissioning procedure. Our team of experts are fully versed on how IEEE 1547-2018 will affect the commissioning process and have access to the necessary equipment needed to ensure your facility is in compliance.

Consultative Planning

Every solar farm commissioning procedure is different and can span a range of requirements. We focus on understanding your unique testing specifications to build a testing plan customized to your facility

Load Testing For
Solar Farms

To begin producing commercial power as quickly as possible, load bank solutions can be used to expedite the solar commissioning process. Find out how a load test can prove the performance of your solar farm and expedite your commissioning process to meet tax incentive deadlines.

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Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our innovative nature to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to efficiently and safely test your solar farm.

Customize Your Load Testing Solutions

If you are searching for the right equipment for your solar farm, our load bank experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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