Load Banks for Wind Turbine Testing

To meet production deadlines and begin producing commercial power as quickly as possible, wind farm operators must load test each element of their operation. Individual wind turbines require extensive mechanical and electrical commissioning. Also, you must test the collection system at full load.



How should you conduct this complex power plant commissioning process? The best strategy to conduct complex load testing is to use load banks instead of the power grid.

In many cases, the grid is unavailable. If your wind farm resides in a remote area with transmission lines not yet installed, your only choice is to use load banks. Even if the grid is available, interconnection usually requires prior load testing and commissioning to prove your system. Also, you have no guarantee the grid will be available when you’re ready to conduct your wind turbine testing.

You can use load banks to test a loading wind turbine and approve the protocol before connection. Also, load banks test the wind turbine’s generator and can evaluate new wind turbine models at the factory.

Load banks for wind turbine testing provide many advantages:

Power plant commissioning requires consistency, flexibility, and reliability. Unlike the grid, load banks can provide these capabilities.

We Simplify Wind Turbine Testing

ComRent deploys a simple, convenient, and on-demand wind turbine and microgrid solution. Our load bank solutions have incurred zero failures on hundreds of wind turbine tests. The equipment delivers the variable, sustained loads required to meet the strenuous 600+ hours of testing mandated by wind farms.

ComRent provides turnkey solutions for load bank testing designed to help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. Using our load bank solutions, you can create real-world load situations that provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load. A controlled load testing environment minimizes risk to your expensive equipment.

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ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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