Load Banks for Solar Panel Testing

Before connecting to a grid or microgrid, solar PV power systems are required to conduct a load test. During each load test, the solar system is energized to ensure all inverters are working properly before connected to the grid. Our load bank experts can guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate load bank for your solar system testing.


Load banks make it possible for contractors to conduct solar system testing at a time that is convenient for a given project. The flexibility of load bank solar system testing allows teams to avoid scheduling issues and any potential delays in the power plant commissioning process.

To meet production deadlines and begin producing power as quickly as possible, load banks for solar panel testing offer the only viable solution for this application.

Can you afford to delay your commissioning project by waiting for grid availability? Any delays, even small ones, can negatively impact your return on investment.

Advantages of Load Banks for Solar Panel Testing

Load bank testing for solar PV power plants provides numerous benefits:

We Simplify Solar Panel Testing

ComRent deploys a simple, convenient, and on-demand load bank or microgrid solution. Using our load banks for your solar application, you can validate the inverter functionality and ensure each commissioned solution meets performance specifications.

Our load banks deliver the variable, sustained loads required to meet the strenuous 600+ hours of testing mandated by solar PV power plants. ComRent provides the only combined load bank and generator solution for solar PV power plant commissioning. With both resistive and reactive solutions, ComRent’s load banks are the sole fleet in the U.S. engineered for solar PV power plants.

ComRent provides turnkey solutions for load bank testing designed to help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. Using our load bank solutions, you can create real-world load situations that provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load. A controlled load testing environment minimizes risk to your expensive equipment.

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For a more detailed discussion on load banks for solar panel testing, download ComRent’s latest eBook titled “Choosing a Load Bank for Microgrid Testing.” This resource will discuss the phenomenal growth of microgrids in the U.S., essential components of a microgrid, why you should load test microgrids, critical questions to answer before deploying load banks for microgrid testing, and what to look for in a load bank provider.


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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