Solar Commissioning & Solar Inverter Testing

Our experts know how easy it is to get lost looking for the best, most concise information on solar commissioning and solar inverter testing.


Here are the key points you should know about solar panel testing and solar inverter testing:

Plant Design. Optimizing designs around layout, orientation, cable management, and sun angles during commissioning can help reduce energy loss over the life of the solar farm and increase average annual energy yield.

Permits and Licensing. Permitting and licensing varies from project to project.Make sure you consider the needed scale. Documentation can be obtained from either state, local, or national authorities.

Environmental Considerations. Solar farms may have significant environmental impact. Refer to existing guidelines such as the EIA Technical Review Guidelines to assess the potential impact of your project.

Contracts. Good EPC contracts are vital to making sure your project runs smoothly. Make sure they receive the same attention to detail as every other aspect of the solar commissioning process. 

Construction. Maintaining maximum standards throughout construction is a good way to ensure that projects finish on budget and on time.

Testing and Operation. If your solar panel testing is nearing completion, there is only one way to make sure it is ready to be connected to a grid or microgrid.

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