How to Choose a Load Bank for Generator Testing

Generator load bank testing represents a critical step in commissioning a new facility, performing routine maintenance, and complying with regulations.


Typically, any generator setup as a backup system requires load bank testing during commissioning and preventative maintenance. Depending on the application (such as microgrid or data center), a generator application can include UPS systems, batteries, solar inverters, wind turbines, and generators. However, because of their applicability to multiple industries, deploying load banks for generator testing represents the most common type of load testing. One major reason exists for using load banks for generator testing: generator sets rarely operate under full-load conditions after you install them on-site. Load banks provide the necessary load to test complete performance.

To ensure the highest levels of reliability and availability, you should use load banks to test both the resistive and reactive functionality of your generator systems.

Using load banks for generator testing helps by:

Load bank testing is an important component of any facility or microgrid’s commissioning, maintenance, and regulatory compliance programs. To ensure optimum performance, you must test each generator under the manufacturer’s load level specifications and recommendations.

We Simplify Generator Load Bank Testing

ComRent provides turnkey solutions for load bank testing designed to help you test, commission, and maintain your critical power generation systems. Using our load bank solutions, you can create real-world load situations that provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load. A controlled load testing environment minimizes risk to your expensive equipment.

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