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Load Bank Testing For Microgrids

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Why You Need ComRent

Microgrids are an increasingly popular solution to modernize power delivery due to the long list of advantages. Customers need reliable power even when a utility experiences an outage. They want to have greater control over energy supplies networks and today’s customers want to leverage renewable energy and energy storage technology to supplement their power supplies during peak times. And while microgrids can support these goals, most are comprised of multiple technologies that need precise control and management to operate in a stable manner to deliver the flexibility, control, and security customers want. Load bank testing during commissioning and through preventative maintenance will ensure power flow is optimized to and from the microgrid system, minimizing the risk of downtime and equipment failure.

We Help You Minimizing Risk

Our load bank solutions are designed to test, commission, and maintain your microgrid. By creating real-world load scenarios and emulating the unique microgrid environment, we provide a consistent, sustainable, and controllable load, without the fluctuations common with grid power testing, to uncover any potential problems.

Solutions to Every Challenge

From resistive and reactive load bank testing to simulating imbalanced loads and fault performance, we have load bank solutions for your every need. Our experts will take the time to understand your system and develop a plan tailored to your microgrid.

Accurate Testing with Available Equipment

Accuracy starts with reliable equipment. Our extensive inventory of microgrid-specific load testing solutions is thoroughly maintained and delivered ready to use. In addition to accessing the equipment you need, when you need it, each load testing project includes an onsite technician to conduct your test, ensuring accurate results.

Consultative Planning

Every microgrid is different, and we serve as your industry expert and consultant. With experience in all microgrid components including, generation, storage, controls, and distribution, our technicians will discover the unique testing specifications of your project, then build a customized plan for your microgrid.

IEEE Compliance

IEEE 1547-2018 will change the testing process for renewable commissioning. When utilizing a microgrid to integrate renewable energies, IEEE compliance will need to be top of mind. Our team of experts are fully versed on these changes and have access to the equipment needed to ensure your facility stays in compliance.

Choosing a Load Bank for Microgrid Testing

Load bank testing your microgrid can help ensure sufficient generation and distribution resources. To help you select and deploy the right load bank and monitoring solutions, our latest white paper explains what you should look for when choosing a load bank for microgrid testing.

Read our white paper

Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our innovative nature to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to produce efficient and safe testing of your microgrid.

Customize Your Load Testing Solutions

If you are searching for the right equipment for your microgrid commissioning project, our load bank experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.
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