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Load Banks Testing For Mining & Maritime

ComRent helps you keep your personnel

and machinery safe during a power outage.

Why You Need ComRent

A blackout can have significant financial and safety ramifications. Delivering power to mission critical systems requires generators, switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers, communication and protection systems to all operate correctly when called upon. This complex system provides numerous opportunities for failure and needs to be verified under realistic conditions to ensure your critical operations will remain online. Verifying the operation of your critical primary and backup power generators will keep the staff and equipment at your mine or on your commercial maritime vessel protected. With a load bank, you can test the performance of your generators to prove it will function under strenuous and realistic conditions, ensuring proper operation, emission standards, and safety feature functionality.

Helping You Avoid Blackout Conditions

The generators and diesel/gas turbines used on ocean-going vessels and mining operations are complex and must deliver reliable power. Load testing gives you the opportunity to emulate an outage to see how your generators would perform, allowing you to proactively prevent blackouts.

Solutions to Every Challenge

From verifying your generators operational capacity without impacting mining and smelt operations to ensuring you meet emission standards before setting sail, we have load bank solutions for your every need. Our experts evaluate your backup power system and develop a plan tailored to your needs.

Accessible Equipment

With an extensive inventory of resistive and reactive load testing solutions, we provide the necessary equipment at the right time. With our rapid availability and guaranteed reliability, we’ll help you complete your mining and maritime testing project on time.


Regardless of the complexity or requirements of your project, we provide solutions to your challenges. When you partner with us, you will have access to an expert technician every step of the way from planning, set-up, troubleshooting, testing, and tear-down.

Accurate Testing

Not all load bank rentals for mining and maritime testing are the same. Accuracy starts with reliable equipment. Our equipment is thoroughly maintained and delivered by an expert technician who will manage your entire load test, ensuring accurate results.

The Importance of Generator Load Testing

If your mining or maritime site relies on backup generators to maintain the electrical system in the event of an outage, then load bank testing is for you. Our latest white paper offers a comprehensive explanation of the value load bank testing provides for mission-critical systems.

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Solutions Fueled By Technology

We pair our deep expertise in load bank application with our innovative nature to develop cutting-edge load testing solutions designed to optimize the power supply at mining and maritime sites.

Customize Your Load Testing Solutions

If you are searching for a comprehensive test solution for your mining or maritime power system, our load bank experts will design a custom package to solve all your load testing needs.

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