Load Bank Testing for Alternative Energy & Wind Farm Maintenance

ComRent makes pre-grid renewable energy testing a simple, convenient and on-demand process that accelerates the project in-service. We help you build pre-grid power plant commissioning and testing into the construction schedule so you can budget with more accuracy and control.


Alternative Energy Power Plant Commissioning

We provide combined load banks and generator solutions for wind farm maintenance and solar energy power generation testing and commissioning. With our load banks and technical expert availability, you will be able to test power-generation capabilities without needing to wait for wind or sunshine, so that your system is ready when the grid arrives.

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Solar Panel Load Bank Testing


Verify continuous output power, output voltage regulation and efficiency


Renewable Energy - 2500KW (11KV-14.4KV) Resistive , Outdoor
2500KW (11KV-14.4KV) Resistive , Outdoor
(1) K975A
(1) 2.5/3.5KVA Transformer
(1) Fused Disconnect
(29) 4/0 50 Cams
(29) 4/0 FPT Lugged
(3) 2/0 Volt Loc 50’
(12) 2/0 Volt Loc Pigtails
(3) 2/0 Volt Loc 100’
(1) 40-48ft Trailer
Renewable Energy - 1500KW@.8PF(11KV-14.4KV) Fine Resolution , Outdoor
1500KW@.8PF(11KV-14.4KV) Fine Resolution , Outdoor
(1) Crest Chic 1.8
(1) 3500KVA Multi Tap Transformer
(1) Single Bay Fused Disconnect
(23) 4/0 50 Cam Locks- 7 per phase, 2 grounds
(23) 4/0 FPT Lugged
(23) 4/0 MPT Lugged
(3) 50’ 2/0 Volt Loc
(12) 2/0 Volt Loc Pigtails
(3) 100’ 2/0 Volt Loc
(1) 40-48ft Trailer
Renewable Energy - 4800KW@.8PF (11KV-14.4KV) Fine Resolution , Outdoor
4800KW@.8PF (11KV-14.4KV) Fine Resolution , Outdoor
(1) 6.0 Froment
(1) 7MVA Multi Tap Transformer
(1) Single Bay Fused Disconnect
(65) 4/0 50 Cam Lock Cables- 20 per phase, 5 grounds
(65) 4/0 FPT Lugged
(65) 4/0 MPT Lugged
(3) 100’ 2/0 Volt Loc Cables
(3) 50’ 2/0 Volt Loc Cables
(12)2/0 Volt Loc Pigtails
(1) 40-48ft trailer


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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