Load Banks for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Power outages are a threat to patient safety and can put hospitals in non-compliance of industry standards. Regular testing of the emergency backup generators with ComRent’s load banks ensures emergency backup equipment can sustain the lagging load when triggered. Regular load bank testing can also help healthcare facilities meet Joint Commission E.C. 7.40, ASHE and NFPA standards and ensure uninterrupted power to critical patient care systems.


Testing Healthcare Emergency Power Generators

When a hospital loses grid power, backup generators turn on with a huge lagging load. This can lead to equipment failure if generators are affected by operational problems such as wet stacking. Load bank testing with resistive and reactive load banks on a quarterly basis is a hospital’s best method to ensure that backup generators and switchgear will perform to name plate specifications.

ComRent delivers load bank solutions for testing critical backup power generation systems for the healthcare industry. Our resistive and reactive load banks ensure your generators perform to specification, thereby reducing risk to patients and critical systems.

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Hospital Load Bank Testing

Generator and back up power system

Validate primary and backup generators to E.C. 7.40, ASHE and HFPA standards


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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