Water-Cooled Load Banks for Data Center Testing

Do you know the single most challenging issue in the design, building, and maintenance of today’s data centers? If you guessed efficient cooling of mission-critical equipment, you are correct.



Water-cooled devices at the rack level or rack proximity help lower cooling costs. During data center commissioning, you must verify the performance of these devices by testing with water-cooled load banks. These load banks provide a controllable, convenient, and economical way to conduct accurate tests.

Data Center Applications for Water-Cooled Load Banks

Commissioning and maintenance testing for:

What to Look for in Water Cooled Load Banks

ComRent’s Custom-Engineered, Water-Cooled Load Bank Solutions Deliver a Better Way

ComRent developed the industry’s first in-aisle, water-cooled server simulator load bank. The EXLS enables end-to-end testing of both your chiller plant and chilled water loop flow rates. It also validates the temperature rise in an actual operating environment.

Substantially lighter than other water-cooled load banks on the market, the EXLS can operate easily throughout your facility’s raised floor at chilled water loop taps. It offers variable BTU settings and flow control through electronic servos that you can network and manage as a complete system from your laptop or Android device.

The EXLS incorporates a proprietary tankless heat exchanger design that requires only 18 to 36 gallons of water. The innovative design produces a faster, more accurate, end-to-end validation test of the chiller plant and chilled water loop. This data center testing also reduces stress on the data center floor and minimizes the risk of water spill damage.


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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