Load Banks for Construction Sites

ComRent provides load bank rentals for testing critical primary and backup power-generation systems for construction projects. With complete load bank testing you can be sure that your power systems will work reliably for all your power generation needs, large or small.


Commission Your Critical Power Generators with ComRent

Large construction projects require significant amounts of power to operate the equipment. You can count on ComRent’s resistive and reactive load banks to accurately test the power generators’ production abilities under all kinds of different scenarios and situations. ComRent is the most experienced provider with the largest inventory of load bank rentals in the industry.

Technical Expertise for Every Step in the Project

Large-scale construction projects have specific steps that must be completed at specific times. ComRent can provide technical expertise to help plan load bank testing and then provide the necessary equipment at the right time, wherever it is needed. With our rapid availability and guaranteed reliability, ComRent is your partner in bringing your projects in on time.

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Construction Load Banks

Generator and back up power system

Validate primary and backup output power and switching.


ComRent has all the electrical testing equipment necessary to ensure that you can test your critical power systems thoroughly.

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