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How Load Bank Remote Systems Work

How Remote Load Bank Testing Services Work

Load banks perform complex operations that test the performance of a data center system and how redundant systems will react during a power outage.

Remote load bank control systems are tablet-driven interfaces enabling test operators to keep track of real-time data and manage every function, control, and application of the load bank system. They often involve the use of customized software solutions that can increase efficiency and reduce costs. For complex projects, multiple load banks are often linked together to create a networked system to emulate, for instance, large-capacity loads on different groups of rack-mounted servers in a data center. In this case, technicians often opt to use a remote load bank control device, which allows them to manage up to 50 networked load banks on a single touchscreen, and the load intensity can be adjusted on the fly to simulate scenarios such as voltage sag.

Here are two common examples of load testing service control systems.

Manual Testing Operation. Most load bank tests are conducted by multiple personnel controlling each load bank from the local control panel. This panel houses the set of controls for a load bank. Local panels are typically housed in an encasement either on the exterior of the load bank or inside of a panel door that opens to reveal the control panel assembly.

Local Control Panels, traditionally consisting of a series of dials, switches, and buttons, typically draw 120 volts of AC from an outlet and feed power to the load bank computer’s main bus at 60 Hertz.

Remote Testing Operation. The latest trend in load bank controls is remote capability. These are portable devices with digital interfaces that are ideal for controlling multiple load banks linked together. The CR Remote from ComRent can provide precise control of 50 resistive load testing services at once or individually. In addition, ComRent’s CR Remote provides best-in-class latency of 20 milliseconds (compare to industry average 120 milliseconds). Activating fans, altering capacity levels, and testing specific areas of a large electrical system are all possible now with the tap of a screen.

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