The Importance of Load Bank Testing Your Backup System

Load bank testing after data center commissioning ensures a strong backup system


Consumer expectations of accessible data are at an all-time high. In response, companies rely on data centers more than ever. When an outage occurs, it can be extremely costly for both the data center owner and the companies using the facility. Fortunately, downtime is extremely preventable with load bank testing.

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system and backup generators are the most important components to prevent data center downtime. When a power interruption occurs, these backup systems switch on and keep the data center from experiencing an outage. As part of data center commissioning, these systems are tested to uncover any potential issues before the facility goes live, but are rarely tested after.

According to a 2016 study by the Ponemon Institute, the cost of a data center outage increased from $505,502 in 2010 to $740,357 in 2016. To avoid this financial hit, it is vital to load test the backup power supply system of your facility on a regular basis.

By utilizing load bank testing and a customized maintenance plan, you can have confidence in your backup systems. Periodically testing identifies any issues and allows you to fix them before a failure. During a load test, generators are able to operate at a maximum load to mimic the experience of a full heating and cool down cycle. This provides an accurate representation of what the backup system would experience in an outage.

An expert load bank provider can create a maintenance plan with a variety of load tests and reports to ensure every element of your back up system is tested. Load testing provides a systematic way to confirm proper performance levels and identify problems by simulating real-life situations.

Reliability is the most important factor in data center operation and the key to reliable performance is load bank testing. If the goal is to run your facility at peak performance so you can eliminate any downtime risk, a strategic maintenance plan should be implemented after data center commissioning.

Selecting the right load bank provider and testing solution is a critical step to alleviate the risk of downtime and equipment failure. ComRent is a worldwide leader in load bank solutions and an unmatched service partner for testing and commissioning backup generators.


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