The Most Load Capacity in its Class

ComRent XS665 Load Bank Solution

The XS665 is a powerful load bank offering a continuous load at various voltages specifically designed for data center commissioning. The digital meter synced with ComRent’s patented remote technology allows you to view power, voltage, current and frequency. Test within minutes of connecting to a power source, providing options for blower and control power.




Control Voltage Adaptability

Save set up time by eliminating the need for external power with Control Voltage Adaptability from ComRent- The XS665 can operate in a broad voltage range and maintain its internal power for its fans and control circuits. Run with source voltage from 360VAC-504VAC without the need for external control power, saving additional costs on additional cable and generators.

Take the heat… and control it

Adjustable Exhaust Louver

Reduce risk of heat damage with a three-position adjustable exhaust louver, aiming the heat to critical ducts to ensure your mechanical systems accurately respond as specified. Whether in a data center or outside, the XS665 safely controls the direction of heat away from critical infrastructure or to the desired target location.


Protective Nema 3R Enclosure

Available in a Nema 3R enclosure, the XS665 provides the flexibility to operate where the testing dictates. The weather-resistant design provides an option, ideal for temporary outdoor use.


Efficient Resistor Technology

Save shipping costs with an optimized, efficient resistor technology architecture that provides 665KW at 480VAC and 500KW at 415VAC. This astounding performance is packed into a 36-inch-wide chassis delivering capacity to where you couldn’t previously.


XS665 Capabilities
Voltage Load Step Max Load
Load Step: 480VAC 6.7, 13.3, 13.3, 33.3, 66.6, 66.6, 199.7, 266.3 665
Load Step: 416VAC 5, 10, 10, 25, 50, 50, 150, 200 500
Fan Load 416V-480V 15A (Internal or External)
Connection Type (3) 400A Camlock Panel Mounts Per Phase + 1 Grounds
dBA 83 dB @ 5FT
Discharge Horizontal with adjustable pitch (45Deg to 90Deg)
CFM 12,000
Max inlet Temp 115DegF
Weather Capability NEMA 3R All weather conditions
Weight (Shipping) 2000 LBS
Length (Stand Alone) 68"
Width (Stand Alone) 35.25"
Height (Stand Alone) 62"
Weight (Stand Alone) 1400 LBS
Length (Shipping) 72"
Width (Shipping) 46"
Height (Shipping) 76.25"
Weight (Shipping) 2000 LBS
XS665 Load Bank Panel
CR Remote System Capabilities

Max Units in Network


Max Length Coms distance per connection

200FT (unamplified)


Customizable Remote

Technology Benefit from additional savings on time and labor costs with ComRent’s advanced remote capabilities. Control and monitor up to 50 load banks from a single remote. Remote capability allows the operator to activate fans and control loads equally on all units within the network. Create identifiers for each load bank connection point to simplify testing and improve communication.

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