ComRent Load Banks Keep Billion-Dollar Mining Project Growing

ComRent Load Banks Keep Billion-Dollar Mining Project Growing

Load Bank Rental Leader Facilitates Commissioning of 40MW Low-Emission Gas Turbine Generator

Owings, MD, December 13, 2011 — ComRent, the leading provider of load bank rental solutions and services in North America for testing mission-critical power systems, today announced that its load banks were responsible for the successful commissioning of a new 40 Megawatt (MW), low-emission natural gas turbine generator, which was deployed to augment local utility power in support of expanded mining and smelting operations for a large copper mine in Arizona – the largest load bank commissioning project of its kind in North America. By tapping ComRent’s fleet of CR922 transportable, medium-voltage load banks for commissioning the 40MW gas turbine generator, the copper mine’s project managers were able to rapidly commission the gas turbine’s additional electrical generating capacity, eliminating the long lead times and high costs associated with extending additional local utility power to the mine.  ComRent provided 40MW of resistive load – enough energy to power over 4,000 households.  Testing lasted eight days, including one day of rigorous testing lasting nine hours at the full load of 40MW, verifying the natural gas turbine’s operational capacity, emissions and safety functions, without  impacting  the mine’s ongoing mining and smelting operations.

“ComRent is relied on as a trusted partner to accurately, cost-effectively and safely verify the mission-critical electrical and mechanical systems that power large mining projects,” said Clayton Taylor, CEO of ComRent. “Our load bank fleet is the largest in North America, and the only one with the capacity to test a high-performance natural gas turbine like the 40MW generator used in this project. The ComRent team was able to achieve in a matter of days what would have taken the local utility company several months or even years to complete.”

The copper mining and smelting facility in Arizona is a multi-million dollar endeavor, generating nearly $1,000,000 in revenue per day and employing hundreds of local workers. Uptime for a project of this scope is vital, as a power outage can result in the complete halt of operations.

ComRent’s load bank rental solutions and expertise will be highlighted at Power-Gen International, Dec. 13-15, 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more information, stop by Power-Gen show booth #6638, or email

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Since 1997, ComRent International has been providing construction professionals and facility engineers with reliable load banks, transformers, cables and switchgear to commission and test mission-critical electrical and mechanical systems in high-performance structures such as data centers, healthcare facilities, nuclear power plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants and commercial cruise ships.  ComRent’s load bank rentals and consulting services help construction managers and facility engineers validate designs, installations, total system performance and even LEED compliance.  With 18 strategically located distribution centers and North America’s largest inventory of load banks, transformers, switchgear and cables, ComRent makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively identify potential reliability and performance issues in these environments—where uptime is paramount to continued operation. For more information, please visit

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