ComRent Launches Multi-Vendor Load Bank Repair and Maintenance Service

ComRent Launches Multi-Vendor Load Bank Repair and Maintenance Service

Leading Global Load Bank Rental Provider First to Offer Load Bank Repair and Maintenance Services for all Manufacturers’ Brands

Owings, MD, March 28, 2012ComRent, the leading provider of load bank rental solutions, has launched a new load bank repair, maintenance and troubleshooting service aimed at owners of load banks of all major makes and models. ComRent has the factory-trained technical expertise to repair, maintain and service any load bank manufactured today—anywhere in North America.  This unique, first-of-its-kind service ensures operational continuity and extends the life of load banks. If necessary, ComRent can also rent customers temporary load banks while their equipment is being repaired.

Load bank maintenance is often overlooked because of the nature of the equipment – no moving parts or gears to maintain. However, like any other industrial equipment, the environment and long-term usage can have an eroding effect on load bank resistors, wiring and contacts. Without regular inspection and maintenance, this environmental erosion is the leading cause of load bank failures, which users often aren’t aware of until the load banks are needed for testing.

“ComRent established the new load bank repair, maintenance and troubleshooting service in response to the increased demand for verification that on-site load banks in high-performance buildings, such as hospitals, data centers, utility substations and other mission-critical facilities, are fully operational when called upon to support regularly scheduled testing of back-up generators and UPS. These are expensive pieces of industrial equipment that require knowledgeable, highly-trained technicians to keep them in safe and proper working order,” said Clayton Taylor, CEO and President of ComRent. “In-depth knowledge of load banks is in ComRent’s DNA – it’s the nature of what we do. Our technicians have more technical expertise on more brands than any load bank manufacturer or general equipment service company, ensuring that our customers’ equipment always works when they need it most.”

Most load bank manufacturers do not offer a rapid response, on-site repair service – even on brand-new equipment purchases.  ComRent’s new load bank repair, maintenance and troubleshooting service meets all major load bank manufacturers’ service and maintenance specifications, and helps ensure that load banks will perform to original factory specifications—whenever testing is required.  


For more on ComRent’s new load bank repair and maintenance service, click here to download the solutions overview.

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Since 1997, ComRent International has been providing construction professionals and facility engineers with reliable, simulated electrical and thermal load banks, transformers, cables and switchgear to

commission and test mission-critical electrical and mechanical systems in high-performance structures such as data centers, healthcare facilities, nuclear power plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants and commercial cruise ships. ComRent offers North America’s largest inventory of load banks, transformers, switchgear and cables.  Its load bank rental solutions and value-added consulting services help construction managers and facility engineers validate designs, installations, total system performance and even LEED compliance.  With 20 global distribution centers strategically located across the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Saudi Arabia, ComRent makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively identify potential power and performance issues in these environments—where uptime is paramount to continued operation. For more information, please visit

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