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Understanding the Commissioning Process for Utility Systems

Understanding the Commissioning Process for Utility Systems

To better understand the commissioning process for utility systems and learn the value delivered, request the ComRent eBook today!

Understanding the Commissioning Process for Utility Systems – eBook

When commissioning a substation, solar farm, wind farm,using the power grid to commission your utility facility can lead to many issues. For example:

  • You will be unable to precisely control voltage, current and load parameters.
  • You will have little control over scheduling a power grid test — Because of power demands, the grid operator may have to push out your test days, weeks or even months.

Using load banks for utility commissioning allows you to determine the exact profile voltage, current, and load.This commissioning strategy also creates a final schedule that eliminates uncertainties.

ComRent’s latest eBook will discuss the importance of using alternative testing methods for utility systems. This resource will explain how using witness testing, or in some cases load banks, can help make the commissioning process faster and more accurate, leading to greater control and lower costs. Specific topics include:

  • Introduction to Commissioning – Overall Goal and Definition
  • The Emerging Utility Commissioning Model
    • Commissioning Process General Requirements
    • Commissioning Process for Utilities
      • Phase 1: Project Planning
      • Phase 2: Project Procurement
      • Phase 3: Project Deployment
      • Phase 4: Project Integration
      • Phase 5: Operations and Maintenance
      • Phase 6: Decommissioning
    • Safety in Commissioning Utility Systems
    • The Benefits of Comprehensive Commissioning for Utilities

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