Commissioned More Than 100 Wind Turbines with
No Grid Connection

The Challenge

100+ Wind Turbine Tests with No Grid Power

A large wind farm wanted 122 wind turbines constructed and fully operational within four months. The project required 400 kW and six hours of run time per turbine. There was no available power grid, as the grid was not scheduled to be available until later that year.

The timeframe was non-negotiable as the project needed to be completed in time to meet a deadline to qualify for a significant tax credit. With such an aggressive schedule, completing the wind turbine testing represented a daunting task.

The Solution

Shared Expertise and a 3 MW Grid Emulation

The Wind Farm selected the world leader in load banks solutions for the wind farm maintenance project. ComRent coordinated and led a team with representatives from all involved stakeholders: the project developer, the wind turbine manufacturer, the electrical engineer of record, and portable generator experts, Aggreko.

To get these wind turbines commissioned in time for the tax credit, the wind farm needed a reliable source of backfeed power. The team designed and built a 3 MW temporary grid emulation complete with diesel generators, resistive and reactive load banks, circuit breakers, transformers, fuel tanks and more than 6,000 feet of electrical cable. Realistic conditions were created for the testing phase so the wind
turbines could be safely put through their paces in a controlled environment.

With the temporary grid-emulation in place, the wind farm maintenance and commissioning was scheduled 12 hours a day, six days a week. No time was lost in testing. The wind turbine testing was successful for startup and operation,
including protection systems.

The Impact

Load Banks Enable Successful Wind Turbine Testing

ComRent was able to complete this complicated, quick-turn job within the required four-month timeframe. The successful wind farm maintenance and commissioning demonstrated a fully compliant wind farm that was 100% ready to go once the grid was connected. And the developers met the deadline to claim their tax incentive!

122 Turbines to test
3 MW- Temporary Grid Emulation
400 kW – Power per turbine
6,000 ft. – Cabling

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